The Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning

Photo by  Aro Ha

Photo by Aro Ha

Spring is here, and so is spring cleaning. That means it's time to get rid of clothes that are soooo 2016, old gadgets, decor and more.

It's a time of new beginnings. It feels good to rid yourself of old belongings and start fresh again. When you get going with your spring cleaning you can update your space, make renovations, or save then buy for that new rug you saw at Crate and Barrel. Plus, after purging your closet and tidying up—you'll have time to relax, go ride your bike, or start sprucing up your yard with may flowers. 

Here are several ways to effectively spring clean your space and get the most out of tossing out your junk. 


1. Online Garage Sales

Having a traditional garage sale is a time-tested way of earning cash. It can be very tedious and inconvenient too. A new and better way of having a front lawn pop-up shop is through Facebook garage sale groups. Search Facebook for "garage sale group" or "yardsale group," and look for groups in your area. Join the group and start listing your stuff. Piece of cake!


2. One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure

Do you have a closet full of last year's trends? If you answered yes, then you should start thinking about consigning your clothes. You can make quite a bit of cash by selling your clothing online or at your local consignment shop. Try Swap, Tradesy, or the Poshmark app to get some quick cash now. 


3. Donate, Donate, Donate

Giving back feels good and its in our human nature to do so. Pick out a non-profit organization you like or go to your local Goodwill. Drop off all your items and ask for a receipt. If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, you can claim the items you give as charitable contributions. Doing this is beneficial because it could lower your tax bill or increase your refund. 


Spring cleaning may put a little pep in your step to start a new and make changes to your life, just go for it! Make space in your home for that new thing you've always wanted, for those new summery shoes, mountain bike, or funky couch that will take your living room's feng shui to the next level. Whatever it may be, you CAN do it. It's as easy as sweeping the dust bunnies out from under the couch. 


Sophia Zigmond / Writer

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