5 Side Jobs and Hustles to Make Some Extra Money


How to get started? Easy! Think about what you are passionate about, what wouldn’t be a headache, and what would make you happiest. Here are 5 suggestions for side jobs and hustles that bring home the bacon:

Lend A Helping Hand

Sign up for TaskRabbit, Handy, ride shares, etc. There are so many apps out there that need people to sign up to lend a helping hand. Weather its helping someone move, organizing a closet, or helping someone decorate, there is an app that needs you now. The best part? Most of these apps (not all) let you set the rate at which you are paid.


Puppy Love

If you’re like me, you love animals. Signing up for Rover or Wag are the perfect way to get your puppy fix as well as some bank! Be warned that only serious animal lovers should sign up for this side hustle. You have go through a pretty tough test to make sure you handle each animal with caution and care. At the end of the day, you get to play with animals and make money? That sounds like a pretty good gig to me!


Survey Central

Sites like UserTesting.comiPoll.com, and OpinionOutpost.com will pay you to take part in surveys you can complete at home. Payouts vary, but sites like UserTesting.com have been known to pay out as much as $10 per survey. The answers you provide help companies decide how to market their products and come up with new ideas. So you’re not only raking in cash, but you’re also shaping the products of the future! Cool, huh?


One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

Everyone has those shoes or that sweater they haven’t worn since freshman year of college. You may also have a few gadgets that have been collecting dust for years. If that sounds like you, then selling your stuff online is the perfect side hustle! Download Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and/or OfferUp and start getting fast cash.


Get The Creative Juices Flowing

Do you love arts and crafts, writing, photography, music, business (I could go on all day.)? Create an Etsy, Fiverr, or Upwork. These are all online marketplaces for freelance services. Decide your product/service rate and create a profile describing your talent. Then you can search for people in need of a service you specialize in!


Have a side hustle of your own? Show us and tag us in your post! Keep hustlin’ out there Reelers… :)


Sophia Zigmond / Writer