Rituals to Become A Morning Person

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The word morning is usually associated with the word “ugh”, yawning, and a boat load of coffee. If you ride the struggle bus every morning and are sick of feeling groggy, follow these 7 tips to become a morning person. The early bird gets the worm after all!

Go to sleep when you are tired

Most of us have a certain time we usually PTFO every night. It’s easy, on a particularly exhausting day, to ignore our brains when they tell us we’re worn out hours before we normally are. Don't ignore what your brain and body is telling you. Powering through your tiredness instead of going to bed can have weird effects… like feeling wired in the middle of the night even though your body is completely drained. It’s important to get the rest you need so that you can become a morning person!

Stay away from the phone

It’s easy to turn to your phone the second you wake up. You hear your alarm, turn over, and immediately start reading emails, checking likes, and sending texts. A recent study showed that turning straight to your phone in the morning immediately kicks your brain into high-stress mode, leading to feelings of paranoia, anxiety, fear and irritability – all of which are linked to a weakened immune system. Solution: give yourself a 15-20 minute grace period every morning before touching your phone.


Let in the light

A bright room might not be your ideal wake up call. However, light is significant because it tells the brain that your day has begun and sends signals to the body to stop making melatonin (the sleep hormone) and start functioning. Take a deep breathe and turn on the light switch!

Get moving ASAP

Your room is supposed to be a relaxing, inviting, and tranquil space for rest, so it’s important to get moving right when you wake up. It could be as simple as going to the kitchen to get water, or getting exercise. Studies have found that morning exercise lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps you sleep better at night.

Warm water with lemon

Starting your day with warm lemon water can help with a variety of things. This magic morning beverage detoxes your body, wakes up your digestive system, nourishes your brain, and even helps kick coffee cravings. Who wouldn’t want to start their day that way!?

Protein packed breakfast

Having a protein packed breakfast is V important. Even if you aren’t a breakfast person, it’s time you start being one! Having a good breakfast gives your body the right foundation to have an energized day. Skipping breakfast is linked to weight gain and restlessness. Our recommendations: avocado toast with egg, greek yogurt and fruit, oatmeal, and if you must eat on the go; a protein bar.


Avoid the inevitable urge to nap

It may sound crazy to avoid sleepiness during the day. However, avoiding naps is necessary to getting a good nights sleep and waking up as a morning person. Capitalize on sleepiness as a way to go to bed earlier.

What’s your morning routine? How do you get your day started? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!


Sophia Zigmond / Writer