ROTM: Leslie the Creative Super Reeler!


Meet our new reeler of the month, Leslie! Leslie is a creative super mom, power reeler, fashionista, and #girlboss extraordinaire.

Leslie is a creative director that uses her skills to help small businesses in Michigan; a city that has recently had a rebirth in innovation and growth. But how did she get here? Let me tell you… Leslie has always used creativity to express herself, “It blew my mind that I could turn my passion into a job.”

This ROTM started her career in New York City as a writer and editor at Macy’s. Later on she had the opportunity to be backstage at NYFW and see all the glam unfold before her eyes, “It was everything I imagined and more!”

Her love for fashion started in college when a friend introduced her to thrift shopping. Leslie loved the thrill of the hunt, and boy can I relate! It takes patience and a creative eye to find a diamond in the rough while thrifting and Leslie blows it out of the water. Some of her best finds include a $7 Moschino belt (originally ~$350) and designer shoes for $.025 each. Now that’s what I call skill.

Being in New York inspired Leslie. She loved being in the hub of fashion and letting city style influence her daily decision to express herself with style. Some of her style icons are: Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Zoe Kravitz, and Zendaya.


Q: How do you stay up to date on fashion?

A: I’m subscribed to Who What Wear emails, love getting my InStyle magazine, and following Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram. I love how Instagram has democratized fashion! I also love reading Reel’s blog.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I’m a mom and a boss. I go for things that are stylish yet practical. I’m all about shoes… I have a pair of Phillip Lim boots—they were actually the first thing I reeled in—that I wear everyday! They are unique, comfortable, and versatile. I love mixing a great pair of shoes with a blazer, t-shirt, and jeans!


Q: What have been some of the other items you’ve reeled in?

A: Proenza Schouler Hex Tote, and about to snag some dope Tabitha Simmons Booties any day now!

Leslie has some hot tips for saving money. Take her word for it, she’s been debt free for two years! It wasn’t always like that though, but she realized she was too lucky to be in debt. She started budgeting and implementing financial consistencies in her daily life. Getting out of debt doesn’t have to be so hard, “It’s not a farfetched dream. It’s like eating healthy, you have to work diligently and be consistent to see results.”

Q: What is your number one tip to people struggling with budgeting?

A: Get with it! It’s not as hard as you think it is. Don’t let it scare you, start small, and be confident. Think about where all your money is actually going and don’t be carless. When you get in the car, you know where you’re going, it should be the same with your money!

Q: Any final thoughts on budgeting?

A: Budgets don’t confine you, they set you free! You’re smart enough and you’ve got it in you.

Be sure to follow our ROTM for more creativity and trends on Instagram. Leslie also co-hosts a weekly small business chat show called Excelerate America where her and her friend Emily talk about the latest small business tips, trends and other things owners should know about. Check them out on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Sophia Zigmond / Writer