How To: Pack for a 2 Week Trip to Europe


A trip to Europe is extremely exciting, but also takes a lot of planning and prep. When packing for the vacation of your dreams remember: less is more… You will thank me later! While I totally understand the want to stuff tons of different insta-worthy outfits for each day into your suitcase, trust me, you won’t end up wearing them all. Instead, take several versatile, neutral pieces that can be mixed-matched and layered! Also, we recommend only a carry-on. Not only does it save you time by avoiding baggage claim, but also guarantees your precious cargo won’t be lost! Oh, and don’t forget to check the weather of your destinations ahead of time!

  1. Umbrella

    In case the weather is a little dreary!

  2. Deodorant

    To freshen up.


    Everyone wants soft and hydrated lips.

  4. Wet wipes

    For public bathrooms, or when a bathroom isn’t always available to wash your hands.

  5. Eye mask

    To get the best rest on the plane and trains.

  6. Gum

    For fresh breath at all times.

  7. Multi-use adaptor

    To charge all of your electronics.

  8. Portable charger

    To stay connected at all times in case it’s needed.

  9. Scrunchies

    For when you need to pull your hair back.

  10. Hair brush

    To detangle after a long day of travel.

  11. Sunglasses

    To keep from squinting, so you can best see the sites!

  12. Small cross-body purse

    To safely store your important valuables in front of you at all times.

  13. Thin blanket

    For travel and possible picnics.

  14. Pajamas

    Don’t forget you need an outfit for bed!

  15. Delicates

    Pack for every day.

  16. Coat with a hood

    Sometimes we don’t want to use an umbrella!

  17. Designated travel outfits

    Have a couple for when you want to be comfortable and casual on the flight or the train.

  18. White t-shirts

    The most basic item in your closet, but also goes with anything and can be dressed up or down.

  19. Simple makeup

    Tinted moisturizer, concealer, a neutral lipstick, and mascara is about all you need!

  20. Cute, comfortable SNEAKERS

    Your feet will thank you later!

  21. Jean or leather jacket

    Depending on your plans, a nicer jacket might be needed!

  22. Below the knee dresses and skirts

    In several places, you must cover your knees and shoulders to enter, so be conscious when choosing your OOTD!

  23. Another pair of shoes

    Possibly a stylish, yet comfortable pair of sandals, platforms, heels, or boots depending on the season.

  24. Minimal jewelry

    Keep it simple and easy with classic diamond studs and a pair of hoops.

  25. Comfortable pants

    Think stylish joggers or stretchy jeans.

Where is your next destination? We would love to hear!


Ryleigh Taylor/Writer