The Reel Cost Of An UPPAbaby Vista Stroller


For many, becoming a parent for the first time brings a lot of uncertainty “Would it be a boy or girl?” “How am I supposed to care for this little person?” “Babies are expensive…OMG!!! Should I start a college fund now?” All these questions, and a bunch more, are constantly running through parents minds, like a hamster on a wheel, round and round. And it’s no surprise, no-one wants to be caught underprepared, it’s a big deal, and an even bigger one to feel you have all you need before the day comes. So the next logical step for many debutant parents is doing everything they can to be ready, like downloading countless baby apps, attending way too many prenatal classes, and doing exhausting online research to make sure they’re buying the latest baby gadget with the best reviews.

New parents do get overly excited, and in the process they swipe their cards away at Target with the pretext of “you never know, we might need it.” Reality is that “yes” some of those items are important, and they’re not cheap, but having 40 plus weeks to get ready is an advantage too, especially when it comes to your wallet.

Let’s take for example one of the best versatile premium strollers in the market, the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller.