You CAN Live Like A Travel Influencer


Are you filled with envy when you scroll through your Instagram feed and see travel influencers in Bali, Fiji, and Greece? Do you have the travel bug but no funds to back you up? Well… believe it or not you can live like a travel influencer.

There are several ways to change your spending and savings habits so that you can afford to travel the world without compromising much.

Here are 7 ways to save for/on luxury trips without having 10 million Instagram followers:

1. Look into your habits

You’ve heard it a million times but budgeting is everything. If traveling is something you really want to do, prioritize how you will save differently to achieve that goal. Think about behaviors that aren’t bettering your life/things you can live without and cut them out— like impulse shopping, eating out everyday, or memberships you pay, but never use! Get rid of the ‘excess’ and stick to a routine budget that allows you to save.

Photo by  Katerina & Yinon

2. Put your money in a SAFE and SEPARATE place

The truth is, a lot of Instagram influencers you see aren’t rolling in cash—they are just smart with their money. The secret for saving like an influencer is putting your savings in a place where you can’t easily access them. Get a savings account that is not connected to your checking account. When your savings account is connected to your checking it’s easier to give into urges to splurge on happy hour, food delivery, or do other randoms things that aren’t related to your goals.

3. Side hustle

If your current job doesn’t allow you to save very much, it’s time to start thing about how to bring in more income. Running a side business is a great way to make some extra cash. You can freelance, sell clothing/furniture, sign up to do random cash gigs, etc. These side hustle jobs will help you reach your goal sooner!

Photo by  The Evolista

Photo by The Evolista

4. Be patient

It takes time to figure out what savings strategy works best for you. It also takes time to accumulate enough money to travel the globe. Be patient and know that you are doing your best and working in a positive direction. Think about why you are saving to travel, grasp onto that thought, and let it motivate you.

5. Book early morning flights

Before you grab your passport and say, “au revoir” to life at home, you need to book your flight. Usually, flights that leave before 7am are significantly cheaper than those that depart at a more desirable time. Yes, you may have to sleep in the airport… but hey, embrace your inner traveler! Here’s a list

6. Travel in places where your dollars go further

Traveling to a country that has a much lower standard of living can increase your spending power. It seems pretty obvious but many people don’t always realize the value and opportunity. Start your travel lifestyle in places like Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Take advantage of you spending power in those places and work your way up to the expensive destinations.

Photo by  Dana Berez

Photo by Dana Berez

7. Go outside the city

For some reason it is engraved in us that we have to see the biggest cities in the places we travel to. What people don’t realize is that major metropolitan areas are vastly more expensive than their surrounding countrysides. Wherever you go, try and make it outside of the city’s center. It ends up being cheaper and you’ll get to experience life as a local!

Have any tips? Share them below!


Sophia Zigmond / Writer