Summer's 12 Hottest Fashion Trends


Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion without breaking the bank can be a challenging task, especially since as the seasons change, so must our wardrobes! Not sure what to wear? Keep reading for inspiration of the top styles everyone will be rocking this summer, so you can add them to your closet. The last two images of each trend are even shoppable!

1. Bows

We never outgrow this frill!

2. Square Toed Shoes

A structured, unique shape that is chic!

3. Slime Green

This fun color can brighten any mood!

4. Bucket Hats

A fresh take on this classic style make it current!

5. Feathers

A touch of luxury amplifies any outfit.

6. Puffy Sleeves

This milkmaid inspired trend is feminine and soft!

7. Knits

Knits aren’t just for old ladies anymore!

8. Bobby Pins

Have fun with your hair accessories!

9. Tie Dye

A blast from the bast that combines color and pattern perfectly.

10. One Shoulder

One shoulder is the new bare shoulders. It’s subtle, yet sexy.

11. Animal Prints

Show your wild side and feel fierce!

12. Polka Dots

This retro print brings fun to any outfit!

What’s your favorite top trend for the summer?


Ryleigh Taylor/Writer