What is your Interior Design Style?


It’s important to have a vision of your dream space in mind when decorating, but too often that can be challenging because not everyone has a natural eye for design. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that difficult - quite simply, our homes are an extension of ourselves. Keeping this in mind makes it much easier to turn your dream spaces into reality.

Everyone has a personality unique to them, so, therefore, everyone has a personal design style. If you aren’t sure what yours might be, read on for guidance and inspiration to make your house your home.


Think simplicity, refinement, and functionality. Use sleek, crisp lines and no clutter for a streamlined space.


Rich color tones, layering of fabrics and patterns, and dimension characterize this style. Use a variety of textures and accessories for extra comfort and livability.

Shabby Chic

Antiques with a feminine twist give this style a soft, yet lived in flare. Use distressed woods and fixtures, pastels colors, and vintage accessories.

Mid Century Modern

This classic style takes organic shapes and textures and combines them into a retro inspired look. Use color, wood, and geometric shapes to bring a sense of nostalgia.


Ecclectic accessories from flea markets or personal collections combined with unique patterns and textures create a beautiful juxtaposition of space. Use jewel tones and global inspiration.

Hollywood Regency

Rich colors, shine, and and geometric shapes bring art deco glamour and a sense of luxury to any space. Use mirrors to bring sparkle and shine, plush pillows, and tufted furniture.


This light and airy style combines whites, creams, and blues to create a nautical, carefree aura. Use stripes, straw, and natural lighting.


Think raw wood, stone, natural earth tones, leather furniture and industrial touches. Use earth tones and different natural textures.


This style doesn’t have a specific characteristics. It is of the moment and forward thinking. Use fluid shapes and patterns that create a sense of freedom and cool.

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Ryleigh Taylor/Writer