How To: Trade out Last Season’s Fads so you can Afford this Season’s Hottest Trends


We all go through our closets from time to time and pile up clothes we no longer wear - maybe they no longer fit, are no longer our style, or may just simply be out of trend. But often, they are still in good shape, making it hard to let them go. Tired of the guilt? Try taking your clothes to a consignment store.

Consignment stores resell gently worn or used clothes. The concept is simple: take in old clothes and get paid for them. A store employee will go through your offering to see what meets the store’s qualifications. Once the items that do have been chosen, you are offered a payment for your goods. While it is lower than what the clothes were worth at purchase, the extra cash in your pocket eventually adds up. Keep reading to get an idea of what you can trade in to save up for the latest pieces you’re DYING to add to your wardrobe! (Plus, a full list of the top online consignment stores).

Ruffles —> Bows


Oversized —> Utility


Logos —> Polka Dots


Dad Sneakers —> Teva Inspired Sandals


Tiny Sunglasses —> Visor Sunglasses


Top Online Consignment Stores out there…

Vestiare Collective

The Real Real



Thred Up

Le Prix

Luxury Resale Network

What about you? Which are your favorite local consignment or thrift shops? Feel free to include the store’s name and city!


Ryleigh Taylor/Writer