7 Steps to Turn your Dreams into Reality with the Perfect Vision Board


Do Vision Boards actually work? The simple answer is YES! Creating a real, tangible representation of your goals helps bring them to life. Visualization is a powerful tool that has been used for years and years, often by athletes. Doing so helps us reflect on what we have and focus on what we still want. Remember, to not only focus on material things, but also how you want to feel. These steps below will help you make the perfect vision board to turn your dreams into reality!

1: Visualize your future

Think about your relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth, and health.

2: Break it down into more manageable goals

Having smaller, more attainable steps makes the process easier.

3: Gather words, quotes, or images that represent these goals

This gives you focus, inspiration, and motivation.


4. Organize them creatively on a board

There are No Rules to how you do it!

5: Display your vision board in a place you will see it daily

Maybe it’s your desk, kitchen, or nightstand!

6: Visualize these goals and take action to make them happen

Take time out of your day every single day to do this. Reflection goes a long way!

7: Be grateful for what you already have, but excited for what is to come

It is important to still acknowledge what you have been blessed, but it is okay to want more!


By the way, what would you add to YOUR vision board?

Ryleigh Taylor/Writer