ROTM: Brianne The Woman Of Many Talents


Meet our Reeler of the month, Brianne Chute!

Brianne is a grad student and luxury reeler from West Virginia. She’s a woman of many talents, and hustles on the daily to make her dreams come true. Brianne is making a big move this year to Sin City…Las Vegas, baby! How is she making this big move? Let me tell you…


Brianne originally got into Reel because she has a passion for luxury fashion. She used to buy designer bags on Poshmark but soon realized, “I didn’t want used bags, I wanted something brand new.” She then started saving for her very own Off-White Purse on Reel, and since then has saved for a Versace Shirt, and Gucci Purse. Brianne still uses Poshmark, but instead of buying goods, she sells refurbished designer bags that she fixes up all on her own! *insert money bags emoji here*


Aside from Poshmark, our ROTM hustles in other areas. “I’ve always had a million little jobs,” says Brianne. She’s done everything from driving for Grubhub to being a talented eyelash extension technician. She actually owns her own eyelash extension business! She plans on expanding her business by getting her Las Vegas esthetician license when she moves out West.


These small side hustles have helped Brianne get to where she wants to be. She has never had to stress over money because of her passions. At 23-years-old, she bought a brand new car without a co-signer. She says she hasn’t always been great with money, but simple changes in her finances, like building side hustles, have enabled her to be UNSTOPPABLE!

After Brianne moves to Las Vegas, she plans on getting a graduate degree in neural prosthetics. It’s unbelievable how thoughtful and caring this ROTM is. “[Someday] I want to work on a military base and teach disabled soldiers how to use their prosthetics. It can be really hard for people to learn how to function with new prosthetics. It’s like when you wake up and your leg has fallen asleep, you see it, but don’t know exactly what to do. It’s like that for paraplegics but they have to learn how to function with an actual prosthetic.” With her hard work and hustle, it’s no question that Brianne will be helping people all over the world live better lives.


We wish you all the best, Brianne! You’ll kill it in out West and we can’t wait to see how you’ll change the world!

Follow Brianne’s business page here.