ROTM: Ronalei the New York Sneaker Queen


Meet our Reeler Of The Month, Ronalei Silmonet. Ronalei works in real estate in New York State and has been a reeler for some time now. Last October, she saw an Instagram ad for Reel and decided to give it a try. She first saved for a little black dress and since then has reeled in 7 items (and counting)!

Reel has helped Ronalei’s relationship with money because, it has given her the power to manage her bills and budgets, “I can manage my account and create a budget for reeling items with no problems down the road.”

When you have control over your finances, it gives you a newfound sense of confidence—its liberating! “Whatever you want, let’s say it’s Valentino shoes, you can get it! You don’t have to have a problem; you can get the item. Just have patience,” says Ronalei. “It’s not going to go out of fashion … If you really want the item, you can have it.”


Our ROTM is more than a personal finance connoisseur, she’s a fashionista! Her personal style can be described in one word; trendy. “I like to wear whatever is new and popular in the market,” says Ronalei.

Q: What are your favorite brands?

A: Jo Malone, Adidas, Lacoste, Nike, Puma and Balenciaga.

Q: What completes your look?

A: A spritz of Jo Malogne Perfumea big tote bag and new Adidas sneakers.

One big part of Ronalei’s life is that she enjoys working out, walking in Central Park, and exploring New York City, when she can. One common denominator here is athleisure! Being comfortable on the go is always a plus and right now it’s trendy af—especially athleisure sneakers.

Ronalei has reeled in 2 Adidas sneakers and is planning on saving for the new, Selena Gomez endorsed, Puma sneaks and a pair of fashion forward Balenciaga kicks! Safe to say, she’ll be rocking the latest in fashion, while being comfy and cute.


There is no doubting that our ROTM will get her new shoes ASAP, “Because of Reel, I have saved a lot on what I need on a budget. When I think about my bills, I set aside a Reel budget,” says Ronalei. “It’s hassle-free and I don’t have to deal with going to the store and waiting in long lines.”

Enjoy your new shoes, Ronalei, and keep shopping smart! 

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Sophia Zigmond / Writer