ROTM: Polina Perkins the Chicago Fashionista


Meet our Reeler Of The Month, Polina Perkins! Polina is a 23-year-old post grad who lives in the heart of Chicago. Since graduating from University of Wisconsin—Madison, she has been working as a Regional Account Manager at XYZ Beverages, traveling with friends, and showing off her style as she goes.

Polina signed up for Reel when she came across one of our Instagram posts. Since her discovery she has saved for a few items, but right now she is saving for a Canada Goose Winter Coat, which will come in handy this winter in The Windy City.


Fashion has always been of interest to Polina. In college, she studied abroad in Paris, France and got to experience the fashion industry first hand. Her and her friends went to fashion week while studying abroad *SWOON* and since then, have been back to the fashion capital of the world for annual girls trips! #jealous


Q: What are some of your favorite fashion labels?

A: “I love Off-White, Saint Laurent clothing, Dolce shoes [because they are so comfortable], and Gucci!”

Q: What is your day-to-day style like?

A: “At work I wear business casual so that’s usually jeans, boots, sneakers, and my bag… but it all depends on the Chicago weather. But when I go out I wear black blouses, dresses, anything with dark colors, and leather.”

Q: What is your take on fast fashion?

A: I’m not a fan of places like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters because, it’s cheap and overpriced! But I do like Zara because they are always on trend, they have high fashion options for less, and their clothing has fairly good quality.”


Like I said before, Polina is a real fashionista and is in the know with tons of designers. So what’s next for fashion this fall/winter and into 2019? Polina says, “APL [Athletic Propulsion Labs] sneakers. Their marketing is so good and they have the best prices.” And if you were wondering who’s on the rise for the coming season, our ROTM has the answer: Heron Preston. If you haven’t heard of them, you should. Heron Preston produces “uniform” style apparel similar to Yeezy. In fact, Heron Preston has been a creative consultant to Kanye West.

So how does Polina save for all these lux labels? The truth is, she’s still learning. Learning to save is hard, and living in a big city can be tough, especially when there is pressure to stay on trend. But using Reel is an awesome first step in saving for the things you really want. So start now and reel-in some APL sneaks and Heron Preston track pants!

Don’t forget to follow Polina on Instagram here and stay updated on her style and travels.