ROTM: Michell, living each day 'carpe diem'


She’s fashionable, she lives life in the present, and she’s all about self-love.


Michell’s parents came to the United States from Colombia. When she was little, her mother would dress her up to the nines, “I was one of those funky little kids,” says Michell. It’s safe to say Mitchell’s vibrant sense of style came from her mother.

Miami is hot and humid so Mitchell’s ‘uniform’ consists of crop tanks, high-waisted Levi shorts, and Converse. Seems like your typical summer outfit right? Wrong! PRO TIP: The Miami look is not complete without a pair of very trendy mini sunglasses—“I am a sunglasses hoarder,” says Michell.


One of her style icons is Shay Mitchell because of her edgy Hamptons-like style. Her style is not too little and also not too much—”If I’m not wearing shorts and a tank top, I love cute sunflower dresses with flirty cuts. I style it with converse and mini sunglasses to make it edgy.”


How does Michell save for her favorite items? She used Reel for 10 weeks to save for a Gucci bag that she had been dying for. She also uses the cash envelope system where she budgets for the week and only uses CASH to pay for groceries, gas, etc. That way instead of getting in the habit of swiping her card, she can see her money is going without overspending/overswiping.

Aside from fashion and savings, Michell has other passions in her life. She lives life in the present, and right now she is taking a social media detox—”We get so caught up in social media. You start to compare yourself to other people. You ask yourself, ‘why can’t I do that’ or ‘why can’t I look like that’ and it’s not good for me.”


Michell has ditched Instagram and started focusing on self-love and what truly makes her happy like exercising, meditation, eating whole, reading, helping others and spending time with her boyfriend. Without the distraction of her phone, she can be truly present, enjoy life and be grateful—something Michell prioritizes.

Michell walks her talk. She started volunteering at a shelter that helped those affected by human trafficking. She talks to the people who have been saved and helps build authentic relationships with them—”I am so grateful for the life I have, these people have had to start all over, and here people are complaining how I their ass isn’t as big as the girl on Instagram.” Michell brings up a good point.


Sometimes the fashion industry can make you feel less than and make you forget about the important things. At the end of the day it’s important to be true to who you are, and “Be a light in the world. Be kind to others and fill your mind with positive energy,” says Michell.

Michell will continue her social media detox and keep improving on herself. Thinking about unplugging from your Instagram for a bit? I’ll leave you with some final thoughts from Michell: “Every human was made for greatness. You can achieve what you want. Comparison can be your worst enemy. Love yourself how you are and never let anyone steal your dream.”