ROTM: Michanna, the beauty entrepreneur


Freelance Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur

Meet Michanna, our Reeler of the Month! Prior to her reeling days, she thought that luxury fashion was out of sight and out of mind. She would spend money on fast fashion thinking to herself, if I didn't buy all these clothes from Forever 21 then I could have saved for that Kat Maconie bag really wanted. Michanna has been a loyal reeler since last November reeling in everything from a Louis Vuitton tote bag to a clear Topshop raincoat. Lucky for us, Michanna found us online through social media and immediately thought, "This could change my life!" and surely it has.


Michanna is a freelance makeup artist. She got into makeup because of her experience with the performing arts and dance. She worked in cosmetic sales for 12 years before becoming her own boss. She left her retail job because, "Retail is retail. You work birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas. I didn't want to wake up 10 years from then and be doing the same thing." 


With Michanna's entrepreneurial spirit, she started her own freelance makeup artist business and became her own boss, "I knew if I worked hard that I would be able to dictate my life and who I chose to work with." 


Now that Michanna is on her own kicking ass at the MUA game, she gets to work for people like Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of Potomac, influencers like Renae Bluitt, Lee Daniels, and more. "You never know who will call you," says Michanna, and because of her work with Gizelle Bryant, Michanna is heading to Essence Festival 2018 to work on Gizelle's pop-up shop! 


Like I said before, Michanna is not just a MUA, she is an entrepreneur. She has always put in the extra effort to educate herself about her passions and her goals. One thing Michanna loves is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology—@curlygirlsdocrypto. She has attended events in NYC to learn more about investing in the beauty industry. "Its better to be smart than broke," says Michanna, and it's so true! She continues to educate herself everyday in areas of business that will help build her brand and #FemaleFounder empire! 

Educating herself in the beauty industry gives her an advantage compared to others in her field. One example Michanna gave was, "If L'Oréal fails to produce a certain shade of foundation and I own a share in the company, I am an owner, I can make a formal complaint. Many people in the beauty industry live in a box and don't bother to educate themselves about investments and stocks." 


So what's next for Michanna? Look for her at Essence Festival 2018, getting back to performing arts and dance, self-educating herself about marketing and advertising, and visiting family in Chicago. Next on her list is to reel-in is a pair of Cecelia New York Multi-Colored Fringe Mules. Can't wait to see her rocking them on her Instagram: @makeupinblackandwhite. With her eye for style and intellectuality, there is no stopping this #GirlBoss and what she will do next!


Sophia Zigmond / Writer