ROTM: Looking for a Skincare routine? Meet Brittny!


Pharmacy Technician in Houston, North Carolina

Meet our Reeler of the Month, Brittny Callender. Brittny is a young, hip, and hard working Reeler who spends her days as a pharmacy technician in her hometown of Kinston, North Carolina. When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her family or adorable poodle and keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Always one to be an impulse shopper, her first reel was a pair of high-waisted, Re/Done denim jeans. After wanting a pair for a long time, they are still her favorite Reel to date! She often styles them with sneakers and a graphic t for a casual day look, or a body suit, jacket, and heels for a night out.

Not being a morning person, Brittny relies on cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to refresh herself daily. They provide a simple, easy, and quick way for her to take care of her skin, which is very important to her. After learning of different beauty routines to help with acne and anti-aging, she also enjoys using high-end skin care products, such as spot treatments and serums.

Nowadays, Brittny won't leave the house without being sure to put on sunscreen! She is OBSESSED with Glossier's because it is light and sheer, doesn't make her face break out, and contains more natural ingredients than popular brands, such as Coppertone.

If she could only have one makeup or beauty product for the rest of her life, it would be Tatcha Water Cream. She says, "It's the best; a little bit goes a long way!" After receiving a sample from Sephora, she fell in love with its soothing, light formula and has used it ever since.

After learning Brittny's beauty regimen, I was curious about her defintion of beauty. To her, it is a feeling. "Beauty starts inside with your confidence and self-esteem, and it radiates outward. It's easy for anyone to be pretty on the outside, but it's also how you treat people and how you feel and think." I couldn't agree more! She says that her mom embodies her definition of true beauty, along with none other than the Queen herself, Beyoncé.


So what's next for Brittny? Right now, she is saving for a sleek new leather jacket. In no time, she'll be rocking it during a night on the town paired with her stylish denim jeans! Knowing she bought them guilt-free will be icing on the cake - Brittny is indulging in the things she wants, without spending her whole paycheck in one purchase.

Be sure to check Brittny out on Instagram.


Ryleigh Taylor/ Writer