How to Holiday Smartly


Have your finances ever taken a hit around the holidays? Causing you to buy last minute dollar store socks, coffee gift cards, and scented candles? For a lot of people the holidays mean spending money you don’t have and stressing out… but this year, that doesn’t have to be you. You can still get your loved ones the gifts they deserve, and be the best Santa ever, without breaking the bank.

Here are three reasons why you should start saving for your Holidays gifts now:

Listen, save, get it right

When you start saving early for gifts, it allows you time to probe. Meaning, you can observe your girlfriend, parents of siblings and listen for the specifics of what they want without taking guesses. For example, you and your girlfriend are at the mall and she mentions how cute ‘that yellow puffer coat’ is, you can add it to your mental checklist (or want list), then reel it in for Christmas. When she opens it, she’ll feel heard and special! Skip the Bath & Body Works gift box and start doing something about that gift early on. 


Be proactive, it costs less

Let’s be real, it is pretty obvious when someone gets you a last minute gift. It might be the wrong size or color, or its a pre-packaged gift box. The truth about last minute shopping is that you won’t have time to comparison shop, deals will be tough to find, you may spend more on expedited shipping, and you might end up empty-handed. If you’re proactive right now you’ll avoid any extra holiday costs, time sucking, and gift giving embarrassment. In fact, you’ll be excited to be giving your loved ones totally kick-ass gifts!

Go for it, you can afford it

Adulting is hard around the holidays, especially with money. It can feel like you physically can’t get your bestie the heels she wants, or your mom the jewelry she deserves with your paycheck… so you resort to candy canes and chore coupons. BUT HERE’S A LIFE HACK: If you start saving a few months in advance and put away $3-10 a day, you will save enough money for more thoughtful gifts, without even noticing!


Moral of the story is, when you procrastinate around the holidays, you run into problems. But don’t fret because you have Reel, meaning you have more time to get those thoughtful gift. Be proactive and get your gifts in-hand before Christmas. You’ll be happy you’ve done the work and your loved ones will thank you for it too! Now get shopping Santa!

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