Buy Yourself What You Didn't Get For Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all you have been thinking about is how you hope someone got you those Louboutin Pumps you’ve been dropping hints about all year. But to your surprise, on Christmas Day, the Louboutins are no where in sight. Don’t go all bah humbug… we have a solution for you! Buy yourself the gift you didn’t get for Christmas!


You work so hard through out the year, and probably don’t play as hard as you deserve, so it’s not a crime get yourself a little something during the holidays Trust me, friends, you've earned it. And trust me, most people don’t get exactly what they want for Christmas unless they send out a Pinterest board of everything you’re wishing for! It’s not selfish to give yourself the gift you want… during this time of the year, you deserve a little spoiling too.


At this point in the holidays, cash might be scarce. However, there is a way to get what you want. You have to SHOP SMART. Take the left over money you set aside for gifting this year and invest in the item you have your eyes on. Little by little you can save, save, save, and in a few weeks the gift will be at your front door.


It’s hard not to break the bank, splurge, and get the item now. Now days, we live in a world of instant gratification and having patience is hard. However, you’re bank account will thank you for shopping smart and saving little by little. And hey, look at it this way, you’ll be patiently waiting for the item you’ve been dying for and the reward will be even more sweet once you’ve saved.

Again, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself that Apple Watch, Gucci Belt, or YSL Makeup Palette. You’ve out done yourself this year and you deserve to reward yourself. Merry Christmas to YOU! Now get saving ;)


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