How To: Dress to Impress and Kill your Interview


“First impressions are lasting; give special thought to your dress, your grooming, and your accessories." This quote by Bryan Tracy, the successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has written over 70 books on self-development, sums it up perfectly. An interview is a company’s first and lasting impression of you. It is a make or break moment. Nailing the questions and conversation is key, but what you wear is just as important!

While every company is different, you always should look professional and polished. Check the company’s social media pages ahead of time to get an idea of the dress code, but overall, make sure you feel comfortable and like yourself!

Below we lay out options for 3 different levels of dress. Pair them with classic black heels and a statement tote to tie the looks together.


Think feminine shirts, dark wash jeans, or sleek jackets.

Business Casual

A skirt and blouse combination or wrap dress in a neutral color is perfect!

Business Professional

Stick to navy, black, and white.


Ryleigh Taylor/Writer