It's Just Not My Day


Some days you wake up feeling ready to conquer the world, some are just ok, and on others it’s just down right hard to make it through 24 hours. We’re talking about bad days. Whether you got in a fight with a friend, got stuck in traffic on the way to work, or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, bad days happen to all of us.

Don’t let a crappy day keep you down and prevent you from persevering. Here are 7 tips on how to turn a bad day around so you can live life on the brighter side!


Breathing is second nature to humans… we barely think about it! However, deep breathing can be therapeutic. Deep breathing has a stress-reducing quality that can help you slow down the rush of stress hormones coursing through your body. Take a minute to close your eyes and breathe in for 7 seconds and then out for 7 seconds. Continue this process until you feel calm.


Accept what is happening

Life is never perfect and that can be hard to accept. However, when a bad day has got you down, it’s ok to accept defeat. Try not to deny or push away the negative feelings that show up, instead, listen to your mind and body. Once you can acknowledge the negative feelings, your mind stops fighting, you start to lose grip of the bad and can start focusing on the good. You’ll feel more open and be able to think clearly again.

Nourish yourself

Eat something you really enjoy (but stay away from junk food.) Treat yourself to a bit of luxury and go get yourself a fancy latte. Read a few pages of a magazine or book. Change into an outfit that makes you feel great. Blast your favorite song in your car and belt out the lyrics. Do anything that nourishes your mind and body and puts a smile back on your face. :)


Have an attitude of gratitude

Instead of focusing on the horrible day you are having, make a mental list of everything you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be a long list (this should not stress you out). Close your eyes and think of 5 things. It could be as simple as, “I am thankful for my health, my bed, a roof to live under, clean water, and food on the table, etc., etc.” Find comfort in those 5 things and it will help you get through your day.


Exercise releases endorphins which are the “happy chemicals” in your brain. Doing 20-30 minutes of cardio when you are feeling stressed over a bad day helps release tensions and worry. Even if you’re having a busy day, take 20 minutes to go on a walk around the block… you’ll feel better.


‘Do not disturb’

Social media is great and it is a form of escapism but there is a dark side. Sometimes social media can suck you in and end up adding stress to your life. When the anxiety of a bad day becomes too much to deal with, put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode. Limit your screen time and focus on something in real life. Taking a little technology detox is always good for the soul!

Ground yourself

At the end of the day, a bad day is just one day. Find comfort in grounding yourself in the earth and remembering that tomorrow is a new day, and you have the power to make tomorrow amazing.


Just remember to be kind to yourself on a bad day. Do what makes you feel good so that you can reduce stress and anxiety and start brining ~positive vibes~ back into your day. You hold the power in doing so!