How To: Surround Yourself With What Brings You Joy


Each year, as the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, we begin to feel a renewed energy towards life. This energy often brings about a desire to start fresh whether it be beginning a different workout regimen, strengthening relationships, or cleaning out our living spaces.

The idea of decluttering one’s life not only physically, but also emotionally seems to be #trending. If you’ve watched the popular Netflix show, ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo, you know why! Marie is a world-renowned tidying expert who helps clients clean-up their lives by focusing on the emotion of joy. Does this object bring me joy or does it not? If yes, you keep it. If no, you get rid of it, but only after you thank it.

At first, it seems like a strange concept, but after watching how client’s lives transform as a result of Marie’s methods, it got me thinking…How much happier could we all be if we had this mindset? How can I only surround myself with things, experiences and people that bring me joy and show more gratitude while doing so? Besides physically decluttering, how else can we stay true to our motto in our everyday and “tidy up” more than just our homes and closets, but start tidying up our lives as well?

We have 5 suggestions.

1. Create a Vision Board – Get inspired and motivated! Lay out all of your goals in front of you in an aesthetically pleasing way, visualize what you want, and make it happen! It works as a reminder, so you can never loose sight of what brings you joy.


2. Surround yourself only with people who uplift you - Do you have a friend in your life who always makes you feel less than? No thanks. Friends should build one another up, be supportive, and help make you into the best version of yourself - all ways to have more joy.


3. Spend money more wisely - Reel can help you do just that! Since it’s an investment rather than an immediate purchase, you take a step back to recognize what you already have and decide what you really want before buying anything. Like Marie’s method, while the focus is on the physical, the result is actually psychological. By saving in the present moment for the things in the future, you eliminate any negative feelings of guilt for your purchases and feel positive emotions like joy!


4. Meditate – Taking a few seconds to yourself to breathe and acknowledge your blessings is important for the mind and soul. It’s a good start or end to any day. Consciously working on removing stress and anxiety from your life lets more joy in!


5. Put the phone down – Spend less time on social media. Go for a walk, play a board game, have meaningful conversation - living in the moment and taking it all in helps us to enjoy the present, which brings more joy into our life. It is amazing how freeing it can be to eliminate the extra noise!


When we take a step back, we better recognize what truly matters and what does not. I challenge you all to do so. What do you want to keep in your life? What things, habits, people? What are you proud of? What could you improve?

What brings you JOY?


Ryleigh Taylor / Writer