Are You Up For The Challenge? #SaveThenShop


Motivation. We all need it… especially when it comes to saving money. Well, here’s a little something that will light a fire inside of you and push you to save for the item(s) you’ve been wanting.

The #SaveThenShopChallenge

Reel is teaming up with Money & Mimosas to help YOU reach your financial goals. Money & Mimosas is a social club and blog read by thousands of women from New Zealand to San Francisco eager to be rich, sexy, and confident. It’s your one stop shop for everything you need to learn about how to mange, save and grow your money without giving up the finer things in life, like a mimosa!

So how do I get involved, you may ask. We are so glad that you did!

Step One: Click here to join the free group.

Step Two: Share your monthly savings goal.

Step Three: Hustle and reach your goal for three months in a row then treat yourself to a shopping spree.

This year, get to where you want to be financially, and let the Reel and Money & Mimosas community help support you through it. After all, what's the point of being good with money, if we can't have fun with it and celebrate life!

See you in the group :)